Game Projects

About Me

I am a Tech Designer that focuses on in-engine work, mostly Scripting things such as Character Movement and Camera Systems and all sorts of in game assets.  I also have a flair for Level DesignUI and Animation.

Below you can take a closer look at some of the games that I have been part of.

Group Projects

A girl is stranded in a remote abandoned village, now she explores the village trying to figure out what happened here, and maybe on the way the mystery of her background will be unveiled to. Explore a once beautiful but now ruined shore town, uncover the mystery and solve tricky physics puzzles in Voice of the Monolith.

Engine: Unreal Engine

Team Size: 10 People

Time: 4 Weeks

My role in the game was Technical Designer, I worked on the Main Character with the adjustment of its Animations through the use of IK(Inverse Kinematics), general Level scripting to make the world seem more alive, and some Puzzle design and Level design.

Enter the grand Colosseum and face off against other Gladiators, such as yourself, in a fast paced multiplayer game that’s all about that light hearted chaotic fun.

Engine: Unreal Engine

Team Size: 8 People

Time: 2 Weeks

My role in the game was Technical Designer, I worked on the Main Character and its movement making it feel drifty, the Camera System which had to trace all the players and fit them on screen at all times, general Level scripting such as Stage Hazards.

Personal Projects


This is a personal project I have been working on in my own time, where you and a friend can play as one half of a robot each, and try to get yourself through difficult platform levels using wacky movement mechanics.

Engine: Unreal Engine

So far, I have been the only person working on this project, and I’ve made the block out characters, seen on the right, with complete rigging and in engine ragdoll physics. With that set up, I’ve created a permanent semi-ragdolling movement mechanic where the players can use the controllers to steer the limbs in order to drag themselves across the level.