Anton Franzén CV

Phone: 0705513273

About Me

I am a Technical Designer who is stable and reliable by nature, with a lot of experience in working in teams through both my previous occupations and the various game projects I have taken part in. 

I focus on in-engine work, mostly Scripting gameplay mechanics and interactable objects. I take pride in the little details that lead to satisfying gameplay. Moreover, I love to dabble with Level Design, Paper Design, Animation and UI.


Game Design, FutureGames, 2 years
I specialized within Design and Scripting at FutureGames. It was exactly what I needed to give me that extra edge. Through practical work, group projects and the environment that is FutureGames. I became comfortable in my role as Technical Designer after having undertaken several group projects during which I focused on scripting gameplay in both characters and environments. But as a true Tech Designer generalist I’ve also worked on other areas such as Level Design and Game Design.

Game Development – Design, Stockholm’s University, 3 years.
Within these studies I had courses such as Interactive StorytellingGame PrototypingGame Analysis3D-Modelling and Animation using software such as Maya, Substance Painter/ Designer. During this time I realized that working hands on in-engine is what I want to do and can do best. On top of that I studied more general subjects like Human Cognition – Computer Interaction, Programming as well as graphics and sound editing using software such as Photoshop and Audacity. These subjects have also been invaluable during every game project since.


Fall Damage, 2019 – Ongoing
I am currently a Techincal Designer at Fall Damage . Among other things I script gameplay for different Missions, epic Boss fights and Spawn Managers that handle enemy spawning. But I’ve also done a lot of Paper Design on different gameplay elements and I jump in as a Level Designer whenever needed.

Overkills The Walking Dead, Starbreeze, 2019, 3 months
I was at Starbreeze as a Tech Design Intern, working mostly with creating enticing Gameplay elements in our levels, working with all the different deparments to create a fun gameplay experience. Unfortunately, most of my work is under wraps due to NDA, but it’s safe to say I really enjoyed my time at Starbreeze as I felt highly valued by the team but the situation there was just not sustainable for me.

Voice of the Monolith, FutureGames, 4 weeks – Group Project
My role in this project was Scripter and Puzzle Designer, the game was made in Unreal and had a focus on Puzzle Solving and Environmental Storytelling. I worked mostly on the Main Character with its animations, movement and interactions and with the camera system.

Codependence Day, FutureGames, 7 weeks – Group Project
My role in this project was Scripter and Designer, the game was made in Unity and had a focus on Co-op and Survival. I worked mostly on the Day/Night Cycle, the game event system and I worked on the general Design of the game.

Social Oddity, FutureGames, 5 weeks – Group Project
My role in this project was Scripter and Designer, the game was made in Unity and had a focus on Dialogue and Ambience. I worked mostly on designing and implementing the Dialogue and the UI that was used to perform the dialogue. I also did a lot of Level Design, working with a sort of fake 3D art style using only planes.

Software skills

I have taken part in game development projects using both Unreal and Unity and have grown quite accustomed to both their weaknesses and strengths. Unreal – with its monolithic structure, using Blueprints and Unity – with its modular structure, Scripting in C#. I also have experience in 3D artistry (using various Autodesk and Substance software) hence I am familiar with the ins and outs of creating 3D-art which from my experience has been very useful for me as a Tech Designer.

Other skills

Other relevant skills include:

·    Effective communicator in professional settings, equipped with fluency in EnglishGerman and Swedish.

·    Experienced with working in teams, always ready to assist teammates in their work load, providing teammates with additional perspectives when appropriate.

·    Experienced with the use of management methods, such as Agile or Scrum, I consistently uphold my responsibilities to the chosen method and the group.